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Welcome to Pub Songs & Stories, the virtual Public House for Celtic culture and change through music.

I am Marc Gunn. I play Sci F'Irish music. I want to take you on an adventure. I'll share the stories behind my songs as we explore pop culture media through the lens of Irish & Celtic music. You will have fun and sing along, and maybe get a far too real glimpse of yourself.



Sep 10, 2019

Dragon Con 2019 was an incredible year for the Brobdingnagian Bards. We learned a lot. I have a lot of wonderful stories to share from the largest fun-run science fiction convention in the world.

Marc Gunn, Brobdingnagian Bards, Mikey Mason, Blibbering Humdingers, Tom Smith, Hawthorn & Holly, The Muckers, Aurelio Voltaire

Welcome to the Pub Songs Podcast, the Virtual Public House for Celtic Geek culture. My name is Marc Gunn. I am a Celtic Geek musician and your guide to honoring our past and adapting for our future.

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Cead mile failte!


0:15 - “Raise A Glass to Flyin’” by Marc Gunn from As Long As I’m Flyin’

1:46 - Welcome to the Pub

3:11 - “I Will Not Sing Along” by Brobdingnagian Bards from I Will Not Sing Along with Mikey Mason and Devo Spice

8:07 - Table moved to the Hyatt

12:11 - Dragon Con 2019 Friday: What Is Filk Music?, Meet and Greet, In the ‘Verse Podcast, Comic book with Kenzie Gunn, Firefly Drinking Songs

20:01 - “Hat Full of Sky” by Mikey Mason from M

25:25 - TRAVEL WITH CELTIC INVASION VACATIONS. Every year, I take a small group of Celtic music fans on the relaxing adventure of a lifetime. We don't see everything. Instead, we stay in one area. We get to know the region through its culture, history, and legends. You can join us with an auditory and visual adventure through podcasts and videos. 2020 is the Origins of Celtic Invasions. You can find out more about this exciting trip. Join the invasion at

25:02 - “Rocket and Groot” by Blibbering Humdingers from Fantastic Geeks and Where to Find Them

29:07 - Dragon Con 2019 Saturday: Filk Concert, Superheroes Tribute, Inside the Creator’s Process with Charles McFall

33:19 - “I Want to Be Peter Lorre” by Tom Smith from Greatest Hits

36:13 - “Mordor Bed and Breakfast” by Tom Smith from Patreon

41:06 - Dragon Con 2019 Sunday: Kids Filk with Hawthorn & Holly and Night Sabers, Concourse Show, The Slants, Hobbit Drinking Songs, Filk Concert

48:51 - “At The End of the Night” by Hawthorn & Holly from We Are the Wizard Resistance

53:58 - Dragon Con 2019 Monday: Pub Songs Podcast Live

57:31 - “Let's All Go to the Bar” by The Muckers from One More Stout


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* Coffee with The Celtfather, Wednesdays at 10:30 am on Facebook and YouTube

1:02:38 - “Leaves in the Stream (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)” by Aurelio Voltaire from Heart-Shaped Wound

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1:07:24 - “Snowfall” by Marc Gunn from Celtic Christmas Greetings

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