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Welcome to Pub Songs & Stories, the virtual Public House for Celtic culture and change through music.

I am Marc Gunn. I play Sci F'Irish music. I want to take you on an adventure. I'll share the stories behind my songs as we explore pop culture media through the lens of Irish & Celtic music. You will have fun and sing along, and maybe get a far too real glimpse of yourself.




Jun 17, 2018

If all goes well, I should be on the Isle of Skye when you listen to this episode of Geek Pub Songs. So I'm highlighting acoustic Scottish songs with music from Jesse Ferguson, The Sorries, Emerald Accent, Ed Miller, Marc Gunn, Mikey Mason, Madison Metricula Roberts, Rimbo with Brobdingnagian Bards, Library Bards, Lauren Mayer, Kilted Kings.

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0:12 "Nancy Whiskey" by Jesse Ferguson from unreleased

4:17 "Skye Boat Song" by Marc Gunn from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

7:00 "Bonnie Dundee" by The Sorries from Bends of the Bow

11:41 "Westlin Wind" by Emerald Accent from For Love of Scotland

15:44 "Scotland's Story" by Ed Miller from Come Awa' Wi' Me

19:13 PUB TALK

21:22 "Why Do You Torture Me" by Marc Gunn from Single

23:56 "The Opposite of Cool" by Mikey Mason from Driven

27:12 "Meownir" by Madison Metricula Roberts from Single

29:56 "Finn and Poe" by Library Bards from Bardcore

33:25 "The Sexual Harassment Prevention Song" by Lauren Mayer from Facts Have a Well-Known Liberal Bias

35:49 "The Scotsman Unbound" by Rimbo with Brobdingnagian Bards from Rimbosity

41:54 "Flower of Scotland" by Kilted Kings from Name On My Soul

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Last year, we went to Brittany in France. It was incredible. One of my favorite places was Cairn of Gavrinis. You can get a taste of the cairn along with some music and commentary on my YouTube channel.

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