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Welcome to the Pub Songs & Stories. This is a Virtual Public House for musicians to share the stories and inspiration behind their music.

Grab a drink. Kick back. Listen to fun songs. Sing along. Step behind the scenes to develop a deeper understanding of musicians and the music they create.



Jan 21, 2019

Sometimes the things that matter most to us don’t matter as much to those we serve. 

The Bridge is still one of my favorite albums. It features one of the best songs I feel like I ever recorded—“Peggy Gordon”. 

And yet no one talks about the album. 

There are many reasons why this may be. But one may be it...

Jan 10, 2019

If something is broken, fix it. That's what my dad told me when I was a kid.

The simple fact is things break all the time. We don't fix always fix them. We get stuck in a rut. 

But it's the way things have always been. The way things are. It's a tradition. So we choose not to change.

2018 was a good year for me. I...