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Pub Songs aren't just songs about drinking. For The Celtfather, these are fun songs you can sing-along and enjoy. Some are Irish or Scottish. Others are smash hits at science fiction conventions. Geek Pub Songs highlights the music of Marc Gunn, as well music from Celtic and Geek musicians that he loves. You'll enjoy this music over a pint at your local pub or while hanging out in your local game store. It's a show to make you smile.



Jun 28, 2006

Bedlam Bards have a new album and Brobdingnagian Bards were added to a Firefly documentary soundtrack. It's all in this week's show. Why I love Firefly?


Jun 22, 2006

Talking about the Brobdingnagian Bards' upcoming one month tour.




Rocky Road to Dublin

In the merry month...

Jun 18, 2006

It's Father's Day and I play some music from Seymoure and Sudden Death, aka Devo Spice.



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Jun 14, 2006

I got a post from myspace that I felt I needed to share.


  • "Old Fenian Gun" by 4 Irish Whiskey from 4 Irish Whiskey Pub Songs
  • "High Jeannie High" by Ed Miller from Live from the Cactus Cafe


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Old Fenian Gun
words and music by P. O'Neill, as sung by an old Irishman... not really

It hung...

Jun 10, 2006

This week is just about the music. Here's some fun songs.


  • "Wild Colonial Boy" by StoneRing from Samhain
  • "The Worst Pirate Song" by Ceann from Almost Irish
  • "General Taylor" by Pandora Celtica from a Pandora Celtica Demo
  • "Rhapsody in Ritalin" by Breastfed from Breasted EP

Wild Colonial Boy
traditional, as sung by...