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Welcome to the the virtual Public House for Celtic Geek culture. Marc Gunn is your guide to honoring our past and adapting for our future.

Grab a drink. Kick back. Listen to fun songs. Sing along. Then let's chat. If you have comments and want to chat in the pub, email him. Use #PubSongs when talking about this podcast.



May 4, 2010

It was a busy day of podcasting, making show notes, writing newsletters, managing music. At the end of it is the Pub Songs Podcast where I get to brag about going to Scotland (or not if the volcanic ash sticks around). It's a happy, go lucky show with some awesome music!


Getting Ready for the Celtic Invasion of Scotland

Complete Wellness in Austin - Massage and Acupuncture

Upcoming Shows:

  • May 8: New Orleans, LA - Deutsches Haus
  • Jun 4: Arlington, TX - Texas Scottish Festival



"Bare Island" by Banshee in the Kitchen
from Live at the Painted Sky

"Who Am I" by Celtic Cross
from Shores of America

"Funky Ceili [Birdie's Song]" by Black 47
from Fire of Freedom

"Northwest Passage" by Bounding Main
from Lost at Sea - Sea Shanties and Nautical Ballads

"Zen Gospel Singing" by Bryan Bowers
from by Heart

"King Of The Fairies" by Skully
from IRISH Makeover


Marc Gunn in the News:

Marc Gunn in Concert - Over Way too Quickly!
Review of my recent house concert in Nebraska.

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