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Welcome to Pub Songs & Stories, the virtual Public House for Celtic culture and change through music.

I am Marc Gunn. I play Sci F'Irish music. I want to take you on an adventure. I'll share the stories behind my songs as we explore pop culture media through the lens of Irish & Celtic music. You will have fun and sing along, and maybe get a far too real glimpse of yourself.



Jan 21, 2021

We’re celebrating the National Poet of Scotland, the great Robert Burns for Burns’ Day. Why this Scottish-American wears a kilt. The secret behind how No Pants Day was formed. Doctor Who vs Outlander with special guest, Devo Spice.

Welcome to the Pub Songs Podcast, the Virtual Public House for Celtic Geek culture. I am your Guide. My name is Marc Gunn. Today’s show is brought to you by my Gunn Runners on Patreon. Subscribe to the podcast and download free music when you sign up at


0:28 - “A Man’s A Man For A’ That” from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

3:18 - WELCOME

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-- Virtual Burns Supper events this year.
-- A short story of what’s new with The Celtfather.
-- Did anyone see the new movie “Wild Mountain Thyme”.
-- Listen to find out how I’ll send you 3 MP3s from the St Patrick’s Day album. Now on sale. St Patrick’s Day CD is now on sale.
-- Burn’s Day on Jan 25. If you want more Burn’s Day music, check out this episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

10:03 - “Skye Boat Song” from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion


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12:32 - Origins of No Pants Day

17:28 - “A Man Who Wears A Kilt Every Day” from Kilted For Her Pleasure

20:00 - Doctor Who vs Outlander with Devo Spice

Today we’re gonna chat with Devo Spice. That’s the band name of comedy hip hop artist, Tom Rockwell.

Tom is out of New Jersey. I met him at I-Con, the very first convention I ever attended in Stony Brook, New York on Long Island. He was at all of the Brobdingnagian Bards shows there. He is a hilarious musician with a helluva way with words. He’s recorded on the Bards’ CD I Will Not Sing Along. He wrote the lyrics to my song “Doctor Of Gallifrey”. And one of these days, we’re gonna do a recording of “Lannigan’s Ball” as a rap song.

Welcome Devo Spice. Can you please tell me your Celtic origins and how it involves comedy hip hop? And in a truly celtic fashion, don’t let facts get in the way. Let’s hear that glib red headed comedic blarney come out full force.


When I was given the idea of a Doctor Who parody of “Donald McGillavry”, I knew one Whovian who had seen every Doctor Who episode ever made, and was still available. That was Devo Spice.

Little did I know at the time that one of The Doctors companions was a Scotsman fighting at Culloden named Jamie.

Tom, can you tell me who this kilt-wearing companion was and if he was the same Jamie from The Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon? And if so, how does he fit into both timelines?


Tom, you also host a comedy music podcast called Manic Mondays. And you’re the founder of The FuMP. Why comedy music? What drew you to it? What’s the funniest song you ever heard on The FuMP? Feel free to say one of mine. And when you're done with that you can tell me which other song of mine was the funniest.

(re: this is an actual question. I'm curious what the real funniest song is)


You can check out his podcast at

The Funny Music Project is at

And of course, if you want to hear more music by Devo Spice, my favorite album of his is the Doctor Who album, I Am the Doctor. It’s also a favorite by my daughter Kenzie. And she barely knows Doctor Who. You can find out more about his music at

Here’s his song “Companion Application” from his CD.

30:34 - Devo Spice “Companion Application” from I Am the Doctor

33:22 -- New Irish & Celtic Song Lyrics. I updated the lyrics for all of the songs I sing in this show. You will find lyrics and chords so you can play along with me. Just click the song title to find the lyrics or follow the link in the shownotes to find more Irish & Celtic song lyrics.


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Of course, cds were the primary source of income for musicians. So what’s next? How do you intend to support musicians into the future?


—Joe Biden won the 2020 election to become the 46th president of the United States of America. Big congrats to him and Kamala Harris, the first black, asian and woman Vice President. But for President-Elect Biden’s inauguration, he hired The Chieftains to play music. That got me thinking. Who would you want if you won the presidential election?

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36:00 - “Wild Mountain Thyme” from The Bridge

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