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Welcome to the Pub Songs & Stories. This is a Virtual Public House for musicians to share the stories and inspiration behind their music.

Grab a drink. Kick back. Listen to fun songs. Sing along. Step behind the scenes to develop a deeper understanding of musicians and the music they create.



Jan 24, 2017

The official CD release of Kilted Kings' new album "Name On My Soul" is just over a week away. So I wanted to highlight more songs from the album and share lots of news, including the daily Facebook Live videos I am doing. It is also the CD release of Andrew McKee's debut album. You'll enjoy some fun music from Marc Gunn, Andrew McKee, Battlelegs, Chris Murphy, Tom Smith, Kilted Kings. Download 6 MP3s for free at

Pub Talk

  • Facebook Live Daily until Feb 2nd
  • Live internet show on Concert Window on Feb 2, 2017 at 7:30 PM
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  • Burns Day is January 25th. Scottish music on this week's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
  • Free MP3 of "The Prettiest Hobbit" at
  • Special thanks to my new Patreons in the Gunn Runner Club: J Lynn Baker, Errol Tyrone Olson, Bowen Cheek
  • "Hallelujah" feedback
    Kym Walsh posted on Facebook: "I have very strong feelings about remakes. There's no reason to remake a song unless you can give it your own slant...that's just a cover and I think there is a real difference. I know you said your voice is better, but would it just sound more like Leonard Cohen? If you think it could sound more like Marc Gunn doing homage, then do it! I think this version sounds like a nice version of Marc Gunn doing the song. I wouldn't want to speak for Leonard Cohen, but he seemed very enthusiastic about sharing his music and verse.. if you want to do it again... do it, see how it goes!"
  • Celtic Invasion of Brittany closes on Feb 15, 2017

Who's Playing the Pub Today

0:12 "Name On My Soul" by Kilted Kings from Name On My Soul

7:15 "Satisfied" by Andrew McKee from The Irish Bard

10:23 "Six Fights" by Battlelegs from Lost My Shoes

14:25 "Scots Wha Hae" by Marc Gunn from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

21:14 "Orange and Green" by Andrew McKee from The Irish Bard

23:38 "The Tinker's Dream" by Chris Murphy from The Tinker's Dream

28:30 "Be A Dragon" by Tom Smith from Patreon

37:04 "Wild Mountain Thyme" by Kilted Kings from Name On My Soul

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