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Welcome to Pub Songs & Stories, the virtual Public House for Celtic culture and change through music.

I am Marc Gunn. I play Sci F'Irish music. I want to take you on an adventure. I'll share the stories behind my songs as we explore pop culture media through the lens of Irish & Celtic music. You will have fun and sing along, and maybe get a far too real glimpse of yourself.



Jul 23, 2020

Gen Con 2020 is online this year, like most sci fi conventions, and gaming conventions, and even Celtic festivals. I have five shows scheduled. I’ll sing from those shows and tell you more about them on the Pub Songs Podcast.

Welcome to the Pub Songs Podcast, the Virtual Public House for Celtic Geek culture. I am your Guide. My name is Marc Gunn. Today’s show is brought to you by my Gunn Runners on Patreon. Subscribe to the podcast and download free music when you sign up at


0:25 - SONG: “Reavers, Malcolm, Reavers” from Sci Fi Drinking Songs

3:04 - WELCOME

-- Pride Month Episode #463 of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast
-- New podcasts: In the ‘Verse Podcast #14: Objects in Space
-- Check out the new CD from Mikey Mason is called Shades of Gray.
-- New Irish & Celtic Song Lyrics: check out the lyrics in this show for new and updated editions

6:55 - SONG: “The Widow and the Devil” from Kilted For Her Pleasure

10:01 - STORY: You Have CDs

10:29 - STORY: Preparing for Gen Con Online, Should I charge for online events?

20:24 - SONG: “Breathing” from Selcouth

24:31 - CD Projects and Progress


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-- Celtfather CD Photo Series: I’d like you to take a picture of one or more of your CDs in an interesting or creative way. Email me the photo. This is where you can get creative and have fun with my music.

29:58 - “Cat Came Back...Cat’s POV” intro

32:09 - SONG: “The Cat Came Back… Cat’s POV” from Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers


JUL 30: Comedy Music Cabaret at Gen Con ONLINE at 6:00 - 7:00 PM EDT
JUL 30: Sci F'Irish Drinking Songs at Gen Con ONLINE at 8:00 - 9:00 PM EDT
JUL 31: Firefly Drinking Songs at Gen Con ONLINE at 8:00 - 9:00 PM EDT
AUG 1: Irish Songs for Cat Lovers at Gen Con ONLINE at 6:00 - 7:00 PM EDT
AUG 1: Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion at Gen Con ONLINE at 8:00 - 9:00 PM EDT

WEDS: Coffee with The Celtfather on Facebook @ 11:00 AM EDT


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Special thanks to my newest patrons: David Marc Tan Creti and welcome back to Scott & Anita Gorrell

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- SONG: “Skye Boat Song” from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion

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Ken Katen emailed on Patreon: "Good afternoon, Marc - I”ve just upped my Patreon support of your Irish and Celtic Music podcast to $10/month.  I remember bombing around the back roads of Joshua Tree listening to your paen to Joss Wheedon (it got me to give “Firefly” another chance - thank you).

Now I’m [belatedly] listening to your Pride Month episode, and am once again impressed by your fearlessness to wade into an area that you feel is important enough to deserve your attention and representation while remaining unafraid to admit your ignorance (which, as Mark Twain observed, “can be fixed, unlike stupidity, which is permanent”) by selecting a great co-host both musically and (sub) culturally.  I wish I could do more, but I’m supporting a raft of podcasts, and some folks in my real life neighborhood businesses who are also struggling right now.

I can’t fly anymore thanks to radiation treatment a few years back, but your Celtic Invasion Vacations sound wonderful - perhaps one day I can figure out how to travel “across the pond” by boat and join you to enjoy the touring"