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Welcome to the Pub Songs & Stories. This is a Virtual Public House for musicians to share the stories and inspiration behind their music.

Grab a drink. Kick back. Listen to fun songs. Sing along. Step behind the scenes to develop a deeper understanding of musicians and the music they create.



Jun 15, 2009

I know I had a couple month hiatus, but I had to share with you my about my recent successes like my first Celtic Invasion Vacation, my first solo tour that starts this week, and there are a lot of interesting notes about my next CD, Happy Songs of Death. You'll get to hear a bit more about the origins of the CD and why it means so much to me. I hope it means as much to you.



  • Pub Songs Podcast
  • Celtic Invasion Vacations. The first trip to Italy was a smashing success. The next one to Ireland is planned for this September. Don't miss out!
  • The Pub Songs Podcast is now a proud member of Far Point Media who produce such great shows as Slice of Sci Fi and DragonPage.
  • Song: "Red, Red, and Black" by Marc Gunn from Happy Songs of Death
  • Check out Andrew McKee's new band Flynn's Folly. They have a new CD coming out soon.
  • Happy Songs of Death background. Where did it come from? Why is it so important to Marc. Sponsor the CD by pre-ordering a copy now.
  • The passing of Michael Younger, formerly of The Bilge Pumps.
  • Swan Songs. A non-profit that brings music to people passing from life into death.
  • Listener Feedback
  • Song:  "Isn't It Grand, Boys?" by Marc Gunn from Happy Songs of Death
  • Download a Free CD by Marc Gunn called Confessions of a Celtic Music Junkie
  • Marc Gunn's Summer Tour
  • Song: "Little William" by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer from Gleowein
  • Buy Me A Pint! Sponsor the podcast.

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