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Welcome to the Pub Songs & Stories. This is a Virtual Public House for musicians to share the stories and inspiration behind their music.

Grab a drink. Kick back. Listen to fun songs. Sing along. Step behind the scenes to develop a deeper understanding of musicians and the music they create.



Feb 4, 2019

Pubs are often dark places. I'm sure dark things have been discussed. Maybe I'm naive, but I don't feel they are any darker than what we find on social media.

I don't like social media. It brings out the worst in people. It makes the world a more vile place than it actually is. And so I avoid it, like the plague. Fair comparison.

That's one of the big reasons I changed things up this year. But before we get to this year, let's talk about last and the many things happening in the pub.

In this show, you will hear some of my picks of the best Celtic bands of 2018. You'll enjoy new music from the Brobdingnagian Bards to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Learn about the new Song Request feature of Coffee with The Celtfather. Understand my new mission statement for the podcast. And then we will chat about how the pain of engaging on social media outweighs its use and why I moved to YouTube. Finally, I launch a new feedback section today. So I need your feedback.

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0:17 "When She Held Me In Her Arms" by Marc Gunn from Single


Welcome to the Pub Songs Podcast, Making the world a happier place through music, education, social activism, and conversation. If you have comments and want to chat in the pub, email me. Use #PubSongs when talking about this podcast.

5:38 "Irish Fire" by Melanie Gruben from Single

10:01 "Montreal" by Talisk from Beyond

15:24 "We'll Follow the Music" by Ed Miller from We'll Follow the Music

19:35 Special Offer on Patreon. Sign up as a Heroic Patron in February and you will get a copy of my album Heroes. It's exclusively available on Patreon.

21:35 "Skellig" by Jiggy from Translate

25:35 "Cat and the Fiddle" by The Gothard Sisters from Midnight Sun


  • 20th Anniversary
  • New singles... new album???

30:32 "Jedi Mickey" by Brobdingnagian Bards from Single

33:24 PUB CHAT

  • FEEDBACK. I want your feedback. What are you doing today while listening to the Pub Songs Podcast? What do you remember most from one of my recent shows? Or from another show you've seen? Send a written comment along with any pictures to Use the hashtag #pubsongs in the subject of your email.

34:40 "Fish in the Sea" by Rambling Sailors from Kenway's Favorites

36:13 "The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow" by Warbelow Range from Warbelow Range

40:01 New: Song Requests on Coffee with The Celtfather

42:13 "Rise Up" by Brad Tuck from On These Waters

44:55 "I Am Stretched on Your Grave" by Gone Molly from Gone Molly

48:07 Dark Side of the Pub.

  • What happens when the pain of engaging on social media outweighs the pain of reading posts?
  • Making the world a happier place through music, education, social activism, and conversation

56:53 "Big Trip (Trip to Windsor/Sheepskin & Beeswax)" by The Fretless from The Fretless

1:00:45 "Cape Code Girls" by Whiskey Bay Rovers from Broadsides and Ballads

1:03:55 Why YouTube?

1:05:17 "Quiet Land of Erin" by Gwendolyn Snowdown from Three Strand Braid

1:08:55 "Last Gift" by Marys Lane from Wild Unknown


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  • Join me at The Hangout in Gulf Shores, Alabama on March 17 with Kilted Kings for a St Patrick's Day celebration on the beach.
  • Be different! And proud of it. Slainte!


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1:15:06 "Sail the Sky" by Marc Gunn from As Long As I'm Flyin'

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