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Apr 12, 2010

Today, I talk about the 2010 Celtic Invasion of Ireland. I'll breakdown some of the itinerary so you can excited about this summer's brilliant, mind-blowing trip to Ireland.


Announcing Dates for Celtic Invasion of Ireland 2010

Upcoming Shows: Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana and Arkansas

Alabama Celtic Association's 1st Scots Irish Festival


"Desolation Island" by Jed Marum
from The Soul of a Wanderer

"Life's Like That, Isn't It?" by Black 47
from Elvis Murphy's Green Suede Shoes

"Holier Than Thou" by Beth Patterson
from Caught in the Act

"Swallow Tale Jig" by The Sheridan Band
from Far Atlantic Shore

"The Derelict" by Rambling Sailors
from Wanderlust

"Bachelor(ette)" by Voltaire
from Boo Hoo

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