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Pub Songs aren't just songs about drinking. For host Marc Gunn, The Celtfather, these are fun songs you can sing-along and enjoy. Some are Irish. Some are Scottish. Others are smash hits at science fiction conventions. Pub Songs Podcast highlights the music of Marc Gunn and the music he loves, while occasionally commenting on Celtic and Geek topics. You'll enjoy this music over a pint at your local pub or while hanging out in your local game store. It's a show to make you smile.




Aug 2, 2010

A new movie is coming out in the Firefly verse which seems the perfect time to release a new album. I've had this idea on my brain for quite a while. A couple weeks ago, I finally figured out how I could make that happen. It involves DragonCon, the Bedlam Bards and YOU! Come to DragonCon and you can be a part of the new CD.


Browncoats Redemption

August Music Promotion iMixes

Contest: Why do you like Marc Gunn's music?

Question of the Day: What are you doing that's exceptional? Have a website?

Upcoming Shows:

  • Aug 6: Indianapolis, Indiana - GenCon Indianapolis
  • Aug 21: Maynard, AR - Blackthorn Village Renaissance Faire
  • Sep 3: Atlanta, GA - DragonCon
  • Sep 18: Addison, TX - FenCon
  • Nov 6: Hammond , LA - Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Also confirmed: Concert in Lafayette, LA


"Browncoats Keep Flyin'" by Marc Gunn
from Browncoats Redemption Tribute Album
lyrics by Rie Sheridan Rose

"The Ballad of Joss" by Bedlam Bards
from On the Drift

"Air Through The Engine" by Persephone Pickers
from Sounds Of The Verse

"The Fall of Serenity Valley by Brobdingnagian Bards
from Done the Impossible Soundtrack (The Fans' Tale of Firefly & Serenity)

"Mal's Song" by Michelle Dockrey
from Thirteen

"Never Did Catch Her Name" by Marian Call
from Sing a Song of Saffron

Marc Gunn in the News:

"Monahan's Mudder's Milk" was used on Season 6.9 of The Signal Podcast in their audio drama "Around the Verse in 80 Days".

Beach Holiday blog features my Irish & Celtic Music Podcast in their blog roll.

Tiscale Finale features my song "The Bridge"

SoulGeek's feature on DragonCon mentions my name as a performer.

Wandering Geek mentions my show times at GenCon

Rie Sheridan Rose posted a video of "Black Velvet Band" and  "Old Dun Cow" on YouTube from my show in Austin.

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