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Pub Songs aren't just songs about drinking. For The Celtfather, these are fun songs you can sing-along and enjoy. Some are Irish or Scottish. Others are smash hits at science fiction conventions. Geek Pub Songs highlights the music of Marc Gunn, as well music from Celtic and Geek musicians that he loves. You'll enjoy this music over a pint at your local pub or while hanging out in your local game store. It's a show to make you smile.



Mar 12, 2014

The St. Patrick's Day Internet Music Festival continues with more St. Patrick's Day music. The video is running smoother than ever now that I've been doing these Google Hangouts so much. So don't miss them the St. Patrick's Day Early Morning Party on YouTube.

Today's podcast, however, is cut a wee bit short because I forgot to check the batteries on my digital recorder. But you can enjoy the complete show on YouTube.

Today’s show is brought to you by Irish Celtic Music. Irish & Celtic Music Podcast presents Chart-topping Irish Celtic music beyond imagination and set aflame through the inspiration and fusion of past and present Ireland.

Make you check out my website for Free Irish Music, then see How St Patrick’s Day Launched a Celtic MP3 Empire.


Music This Week in the Public House

"Rising of the Moon"
from Not Every Day Is St. Patrick’s Day or Best Irish Drinking Songs

"Lish Young Buy-A-Broom"
from Songs of Ireland and The Holy Grail of Irish Drinking Songs

"The Barnyards of Delgaty"
from Scottish Songs of Drinking & Rebellion and Irish Drinking Songs

"The Leprechaun"
from Soul of a Harper and Best Irish Drinking Songs